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CMM Programming Made Easy

If you programme CMM Machines, then the PAS CMM Programming Solution will save you huge amounts of time.


PAS CMM is an automated CMM programming software which ensures the quality of your inspection process. 


It can demonstrate a full 3D simulation showing the probe and your part, together with your CMM machine. With options to add construction planes, geometry, balloon dimensions, labels and geometric tolerances (GD&T), the IDs will then automatically appear in the inspection report, making it easier to read and ideal for F.A.I.R (First Article Inspection Reports).


PAS CMM will work with your existing CMM control software, such as OpenDMIS, MODUS, PC-Dmis, CAMIO/STUDIO, VirtualDMIS & MCOSMOS via DMISPAK. It is an add-on to these products, not a replacement.

  • ​Capacity issues due to CMM programming?​

  • Lead time problems on your CMM machine?


  • New products delayed?


  • ​Machining centres waiting for CMM reports?

Save up to 90% on CMM Programming

Do you have...

How does PAS CMM work?

Watch our 3-minute video below to see how easy it is to use PAS CMM



1. Load a 3D model in either STEP, IGES, VDA or Parasolid (optional extras: SolidWorks, CATIA, NX & Pro-E)

2. Set the origin and reference axis then load the 3D model of your CMM machine

3. PAS CMM will now automatically find all features on your 3D model

4. PAS CMM then calculates the best probe orientations, labels and stores each feature, sorted by type and probe angle


5. PAS will automatically inspect all (or selected features) on the 3D model multi-directionally for all probe types.

6. PAS has an automatic alignment mode to suit your part. It also allows manual alignment

7. Your PAS CMM program (DMIS) is now ready to be imported into your CMM machine


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